Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Working as a team

The girls sat down in their teams for a Maths activitity last week.

Each team was given 2 stamps and an ink pad. They had to form number bonds and illustrate the number bonds by printing pictures onto their worksheet.

While it was a very simple task on its own for adults, I was quite apprehensive if the children can accomplish the task without getting their fingers, uniform and belongings dirty. Though simple, it is also hard to correct if they make errors in counting or printing.

Indeed, I have over zealous girls who printed more than required. There were also groups which repeated some number bonds as they did not print in a systemetical order.

While I felt that they could have done a better job if I gave them more explicit instructions to scaffold their task, it was a learning experience for them to explore ways of accomplishing the tasks.

I had fun watching them complete their printing. I hope the children had fun too!

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