Monday, 7 January 2013

Abbreviations, love them or hate them

One major query some parents have when they see the time table must be what all the abbreviations stands for.

EL: English
SS: Social Studies
MT: Mother tongue
CME: Civics and Moral Education
MA: Maths
PHE: Physical Health Education (Physical Eduation - PE and Health Education)
FTGP: Form Teacher's Guidance Period
PAL: Programme for Active Learning
ASS: Assembly

Did I miss out any?

To enable copying of homework into the organizers to be more efficient, parents do note the following:

P.sig: Parent's Signature
LS: English Learning Sheets
SWS: English Supplementary Worksheets
WS: worksheet
WB: workbook
AB: activity book
TB:  Test book
TxtBk: text book
SP: Spelling
Pg: page

Ready for a test?

Q3: P.sig for Unit 1 SWS
Q4: Do MA TxtBk Pg 14. Bring MA TB tomorrow.

Q1: Social Studies Activity Book
Q2: Maths worksheet
Q3: Parent's signature for Unit 1 Supplementary worksheet
Q4: Do Maths Text book Page 14.  Bring Maths Test Book tomorrow.

While we have abbreviations for almost everything, our school's stand is, we do not use abbreviations for the months of the year. Imagine growing up not knowing how to spell FeburaryFebruary... Dates in assignments should therefore be written like the following example: 7 January 2013. 

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