Wednesday, 2 January 2013

While it is not an easy decision to make to start this blog due to maintence considerations, I went ahead with it anyway. Firstly, I hope parents will be able to be more involved in their children's school life. Secondly, through this blog, I hope my pupils will be to hear my thoughts and also be able to reflect on how much they have grown by the end of this year.

I was very glad to see most of my pupils this morning. While two of them were overwhelmed with thoughts about coming to P1 during P1 Orientation last November, there was only one pupil who was visibly upset being seperated from her parents. However, she forgot her fears and was able to participate in class activities readily. I hope the lovely girls I've met today will have lots of fun making friends and learning in school.


  1. Hi Mdm Fiona,

    Thanks for the initiative to start this blog for 1 Love.

    It is indeed useful and a good way of communicating between parents & teacher.

    Looking forward to your updates.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Germaine's Parents

  2. Dear Mdm Fiona,

    Greatly appreciate this blog you have started that allows us to follow Cadence in her learning journey at CHIJ OLN.

    Looking forward to working together with you and the school in helping Cadence and her classmates learn and grow.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Cadence's Parents

  3. Dear Mdm Fiona

    Congratulations on taking up the decision to start up the "Learning Journey" blog.

    Shafiqa's Mommy