Friday 31 May 2013

P1 FIT Party

The P1 girls had their FIT Party on 25 April.

FIT stands for Fun, Innovative and Teamwork.

We started the session off with singing of some action songs and chicken dance.

Then we had inter-class games.

Guess what? Our class clinched the champion! It was totally unexpected. They didn't look that competitive during our practices in PE lessons. I guess they all rose to the ocassion!

After the game, we went to the canteen for the highlight- Pancake Decoration.

The girls brought lots of toppings for their pancakes.

Indeed, they were very creative in decorating their pancakes.

mdmfiona's Pancake decoration album on Photobucket

Look at them bite into their pancakes!

mdmfiona's Bite into our pancakes album on Photobucket
After enjoying their pancakes, some girls helped to clean up the area. Thank you very much!

I sure had lots of fun watching them. ^_^

Thursday 30 May 2013

June is round the corner?!

How time flew! In a twinkling of an eye, today is the end of May. I feel so guilty for being missing in action.

Can't believe June holiday starts tomorrow! I shall make good use of this time to add a few posts on the activities we had in Term 2.

I've just finish putting stars I "owe" the children into their bottles. Look how much stars the girls have gathered!

I shall be more dilligent in awarding stars (and folding them!!!) so that each pupil gets to bring home a bottle full of stars!