Friday 31 May 2013

P1 FIT Party

The P1 girls had their FIT Party on 25 April.

FIT stands for Fun, Innovative and Teamwork.

We started the session off with singing of some action songs and chicken dance.

Then we had inter-class games.

Guess what? Our class clinched the champion! It was totally unexpected. They didn't look that competitive during our practices in PE lessons. I guess they all rose to the ocassion!

After the game, we went to the canteen for the highlight- Pancake Decoration.

The girls brought lots of toppings for their pancakes.

Indeed, they were very creative in decorating their pancakes.

mdmfiona's Pancake decoration album on Photobucket

Look at them bite into their pancakes!

mdmfiona's Bite into our pancakes album on Photobucket
After enjoying their pancakes, some girls helped to clean up the area. Thank you very much!

I sure had lots of fun watching them. ^_^

Thursday 30 May 2013

June is round the corner?!

How time flew! In a twinkling of an eye, today is the end of May. I feel so guilty for being missing in action.

Can't believe June holiday starts tomorrow! I shall make good use of this time to add a few posts on the activities we had in Term 2.

I've just finish putting stars I "owe" the children into their bottles. Look how much stars the girls have gathered!

I shall be more dilligent in awarding stars (and folding them!!!) so that each pupil gets to bring home a bottle full of stars!

Monday 8 April 2013

Term 2 and moving forward!

How time flies! We are into Week 2 of Term 2!

I apologize for being missing in action, but really, there's nothing much to talk about during test periods. It's just lots of work, filing and more work. Filing is a love-hate relationship for me. I love it when I clear them from my tables but the process of filing is tedious! Pupils place their worksheets in the wrong file, in the wrong order, missing worksheets... Let's hope the we can work out a system to allow us to complete filing more efficiently this term.

This term we are really moving forward quickly. We have taken a step towards writing stories independently. We started class writing and group writing. Here are some snap shots of the girls engaging in group work.

In general, the girls still have issues in turn taking and the concept of achieving a common goal together. Many approached me to bring up issues they have with their classmates. We have came up with group names. Next, we shall work on strengthening the group identity and working out differences in their groups.

Before the March break, I gave the girls some paper dolls. Here are some of the dolls I've received!
Sweet, aren't they?

The dolls are in costumes of different countries. I hope the girls learnt something about appreciating friends and cultures of different countries.

Here are the girls with their dolls.

Some of the girls came dressed to celebrate International Friendship Day.

I only had a handful of them. Some of them were not aware they can wear international costumes, while some mentioned they had outgrown theirs. I am looking forward to Racial Harmony Day, when the girls can wear their traditional costumes!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Opps... I have been slacking!

I told myself to do a post during Chinese New Year, but I never got around to do it. Did everyone have a good rest over the long weekend?

First up is a video on the girls' hip hop moves!

What I love about the video was the beautiful smiles on their faces.

The children came to school in their home clothes last Friday to celebrate Chinese New Year. They looked so different I almost could not recognize some of them. It was a pity the day went by so quickly, that I did not get to take any shots of them in their pretty clothes. I must make it a point to do it during International Friendship Day / Racial Harmony Day.

Here is a picture of the girls holding up their oranges for blessing by Father Henry. Any sharp eyes can spot where are the 1 Love pupils?

The following performers created quite a stir!

There were squeals of excitement especially from the lower primary girls. Some of the girls were terrified of the drums and lion dance though. They even burst into tears. Overall I think it was a good exposure for some of the Primary One girls, especially those from the other races.  They may not get to chance to see a lion dance performance otherwise!

Personally I loved the mascot most! He's the cutest I've ever seen!

The highlight of the day is the Snake Dance Competition. The girls were so excited that they began cheering for their classmates even before the contestants come on stage!

Yolindrea represented 1 Love in the competition. She was very calm and composed.


Although she did not clinch the top few prizes, I am still very proud of her for having the courage to go on stage and for delivering a good performance.

That's all for this update!

Wednesday 30 January 2013

P1 Info Night

The P1 Info Night has been rescheduled to 22 February 2013, Friday. It would be held from 5-7pm.

More details will be given closer to date.